About Laura Sutherland

My intent is to live passionately. Often you can see this reflected in my designs. As I walk through the many landscapes of this world, I recognize the balance nature offers us with such perfection. I am at home in nature; she teaches me about beauty and color, texture and grace.

Gardens can be like medicine to us; they help us to stay in touch with the natural world and can offer such serenity, bringing us into the present moment so we may experience more of the earth’s gifts.

The natural world is romantic but not with out an edge and this edge can be an artful texture or twist. And as I understand the rhythms of design nature holds, I offer those understanding to my clients by way of a landscape design.

I love to create a garden that gives a sense of peace and wonderment; a place to go to retreat or reflect, to learn about the magic of plants and be a part of the beauty. It is my passion to work creatively to see the potential in all situations and to artfully design an environment that reflects the desires of my client’s wishes.

I try and walk softly on this earth. With all of my heart I reach out to this magnificent mother we live on, and feel gratitude for her tactile beauty; I stand amazed at her brilliant colors and the passion for life she feeds me. I give thanks for the abundance she offers us all.

Our sweet Earth cares for us like a mother, feeding us, sheltering us and keeping us warm. It is my honor to give back to her, and gratitude is just part of that offering.

It is time to enjoy our landscapes with all the imperfections and mystery that gardens have to offer us.