Services Provided by Sutherlandesign:

Free Advice or Questions over the phone or by e-mail are welcomed.   

Landscape Consultations can help clients have a clear vision of their Garden Theme. We will meet at your property and walk the existing landscape. As we talk about the usage of space, ideal plant choices, rhythm and texture within your garden as well as other Landscape elements, you will see your garden dreams start to take shape.  We will also address any problems within the landscape and design solutions to help solve them.

Spot Designing may be done for gardens that are small and do not need a Design Plan, or may be your existing landscape just needs sprucing up.

Urn and Pot Designs may add an art element to your decks and patios as well as bring color and foliage to areas that need to be softened. I will help select the right Urns or Pots for your theme and desired locations.

Landscape Design Plan may be needed to establish your desired garden theme. A backyard design may be created separate from a front yard design or the design may be planned at the same time, but installed in stages. Sometimes a garden may not need a design plan if it is a small area. If this is the case, a plant list will be created in which to work from and although you can not preview it an On-Site Design will then be established.

Installation Phase: I will refer you to a few Landscape contractors that I have good working relationships with and that I highly recommend, although you are free to choose other contractors.

On-Site Design and Research is done on an hourly bases and is part of the installation phase. When the Landscape Contractor is done preparing the hardscape and soil the plants are now needed. Some contractors hire a Plant Broker to locate all the plants, as specified on the design. If you would like me to do this part, I will first :

1.Use the phone to locate all plants, their size and condition.
2.Drive to the nurseries for quality control - some hand selecting will be done.
3.When the plants are delivered I then place the plants for accuracy for the contractorto plant and finish the installation.
      ( This phase can be done as a full service or you may choose part of these services. )

  To contact me:
   Laura Sutherland  
   phone  831-462-9807